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  Hi Alla! Just wanted to thank you so much for my great facial yesterday. My skin looks and feels amazing today. And i love the water...i drank a few glasses last night and usually when i wake in the middle of the night i am thirsty, but wasn't last night. And I also love the oil you gave me....rubbed it all over my belly this morning:) 
 I am forever grateful to Laura for sending me to you:) 
                      All of my love Emily.
  My skin looks and feels amazing!!!!  Thank you!!!
   I am feeling great! and am so thankful for your thoughtful and inspiring meeting. I LOVE the products and would appreciate so much a quick recap of what you think i should be what order...and when (only this in the morning etc)i look forward to hopefully coming back soon and seeing you again.
Thank you so much was such a special treat; i feel my skin changing already.with so much appreciation,
 Alla changed my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  No exaggeration! She truly changed my life. I had terrible terrible dry acne and rosascia.... so bad, in fact,  that I didn't look in a mirror but for brief seconds for almost a year. I felt so ashamed of my appearance. 
With Alla's vast compassion, amazing products, superior equipment, and creative/intuitive techniques my skin began to change and heal. I began to feel human again. Dare I say......beautiful again. : )   I love you so much, Alla!!!!  I know you will love her too. Sat Nam!
Look at my beautiful skin!!!!!!!! I love you so much!!!!

Sat Nam.
     Thank you very much for the facial, foot care and all of your other loving and wise self-care advice.I applied the cream you gave me before my walk this morning too.
Bless you with All Health, Happiness and Abundance,
                                                    Dharam Dev Kaur 
   I forgot to tell you that earlier this week, the prop stylist I work with came up to me and commented on how great my skin looked.  He said it looked healthy and had good color and that it was smooth and clear.
Thank you  for your loving work this year!
   O my goodness - I am in LOVE with the lotion and sunscreen! It is Amassing!!I feel so great that I'm nourishing my face with good things instead of harsh chemicals! Love love love!
Thank you again for treating my face with such care and quickly understanding my sensitive skin! It feels glorious! This year I am all about renewing myself...body.mind.spirit. I am extremely grateful David introduced me to you.
Good Morning Alla!

Thank you again for your time yesterday.  You always go above and beyond and I am so grateful you came into my life.  
                                                   Thank you! Abby

   Just found out about Alla from a makeup artist friend, who described her as a holistic esthetician and raved about the experience.  I immediately made an appointment today-my skin was trashed from spending the last 2 months in Texas and I've been under emotional stress as well.
   In brief, Alla was everything she was reported to be and more.  She works out of her apartment-very clean, private, quiet and conveniently located. This might not be the right fit for everyone-but I love "hidden gems."  Alla is Russian (those women have been into skin care for a long time) and a nurse.  She spent 1 1/2 hours on my face (paying special attention to my upper chest, as I requested).  
   Alla used a microcurrent, red light therapy and Diamond dermabrasion machines.  Her touch was light, gentle but effective-no redness afterwards.  She swears by Epicurean skincare products (my makeup artist friend now loves this skincare line as well).  
   Alla is hugely into holistic, natural healing and will question your diet (making tactful suggestions) and recommending books and videos to empower your ability to discover what you need to do to rejuvenate from the inside out.
I felt emotionally so much lighter-my face felt and looked 100% better.
Alla genuinely cares about her clients and builds her business on word of mouth referrals rather than celebrity client hype (although she does have a few A-list devotees).

No hard sell-just nurturing and results.  I'll be back.
I found Alla through a client of mine. She insisted I meet her and get to know this amazing person myself so I did. Could not have been more right. I am in the beauty industry and know facials very well I have Never met anyone who does a better job. I get compliments on my skin all the time now. It's amazing the difference. I very much appreciate that her price is so reasonable that I can commit to seeing her once a month and what I save in facials I spend on buying her extraordinary skin care line. I have never been happier with who can touch my face and make such difference with my skin. I know I'm in great hands with my lovely Alla.  I highly recommend her!! If I could pick 20 stars I would she would live up to it
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